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Vijayendra Kumeria: I don’t regret the lockdown at all!

Vijayendra Kumeria

While the year has been tough, actor Vijayendra Kumeria says that he is not one to have regrets. He says that he tried to make the most of it. “It was challenging as my show Naagin 4 got wrapped up. When a running show comes to an end abruptly, it’s quite disappointing. I had not expected Nagin 4 to end like this but then, after a day, I was fine because I am good at moving on,” he says, adding, “I don’t regret the lockdown as it was for our own good. I kept myself busy with writing, reading, cooking, painting and many other activities that we don’t do in the daily routine. I worked out at home every day…plus I played a lot with my daughter.”

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Ask him what was his best memory of this period, and he says, “Well there are so many… but shooting a short film at my house during the lockdown with no assistance will be remembered by me forever. It was truly amazing and I loved it.”

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There were other things also that Vijayendra added to his routine during the lockdown. “I started meditating for some time in the day. It’s very soothing and relaxing… I wasn’t into it but now I like to meditate and I want to continue this and make it a part of my daily routine,” he says, adding, “My biggest achievement this year was being safe and healthy amidst the pandemic, no other achievement can be bigger and comforting than this.”

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