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Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising

Mark Twain

Celeb Mantra offers creative, high-impact advertising solutions for select partners across our website, social media, television, and live properties. Always remember that a good ad at low price on a mediocre website is worse than not publicising your site at all. Remember that your compromise on money can turn your company image of a tiger into a cat.

Place ads on Celeb Mantra & reserve space in the minds of our global visitors. At incredibly lucrative rates, you can reap the benefits of advertising and witness the hottest thing happening on your front

Our principle is

ads @ low . rates

ads @ high . exposure

ads @ strategic . positioning

ads @ excellent value . for money

ads @ sponsor . satisfaction

How does advertising on Celeb Mantra help me?

We strongly believe that Celeb Mantra is the place to advertise your products and services if your customers fall into the above demographics. We offer excellent value to advertisers by combining an incredible amount of site traffic with surprisingly low rates. Where else can you reach a global audience for your products and services at a very reasonable cost?

You will benefit if you would like to do one or all the following

  •   Create brand awareness
  •   Build corporate image
  •  Generate traffic for retailing
  •   Database marketing
  •   Generate leads
  •   Direct sales
  •   Enlist global audience for a fixed cost

And yes, there’s another thing. We don’t charge an arm and a leg. After all, what good is a solution if it lands you in another problem – of the budgetary kind.

Please use the contact form below for all advertising and partnership enquiries. We do our best to consider all cases, but in some situations, we may not be able to respond if we feel your requirements do not match our reader profile and interests. Thanks for your understanding! Increase brand visibility. Reach out to millions across the globe.

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