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This is how Sonu Sood’s fans celebrate his birthday!

Over the last few years, Sonu Sood has emerged as a symbol of hope and empowerment for the masses, especially during the dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic. His relentless efforts to aid the underprivileged have earned him a special place in the hearts of millions. On July 30, 2023, the nation will celebrate the birthday of this true ‘Messiah’ of the common man in a truly remarkable manner. In the wake of his philanthropic work, his admirers have taken it upon themselves to give back to society on his special day.

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Inspired by Sonu Sood’s relentless dedication to helping those in need, his fans have organized a large-scale blood donation drive to observe his birthday. Across the country, an astounding 800 to 900 blood camps have been set up to collect this precious gift of life. The gesture symbolises not just a celebration of their beloved actor’s birthday but also a tribute to his selfless commitment towards the welfare of the people.

But it does not stop there for Sonu Sood’s fans. In addition to the blood donation drive, some of them are all primed to go the extra mile by distributing food to the disadvantaged. The food distribution drive marks yet another reflection of the love and admiration that people have for Sood.

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Meanwhile, Sonu Sood’s commitment to both his craft and the welfare of society remains unimpeded. As Sood basks in the satisfaction of bringing smiles to many faces, he is gearing up to take the audience on an adrenaline-fueled ride with his upcoming action-packed film, Fateh.

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