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This is Jaideep Ahlawat’s process of bringing his character to life

There are very few actors who possess the extraordinary ability to delve into their characters and resonate with audiences on a deep level. Jaideep Ahlawat, renowned for his exceptional performances, embodies this unique skill, particularly evident in his portrayal of Naren in the film “Jaane Jaan.” As Naren, Jaideep brings a rare combination of genius intellect, soft-heartedness, and emotional depth to the screen. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh, ‘Jaane Jaan’ is an intricate tale of love, devotion and intrigue.

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For Jaideep, acting began as a distant memory from his school days, but it was in college that he realised his love for it and chose to work towards his passion that would shape his future. Fast forward to “Jaane Jaan,” where Jaideep played the complex role of Naren, a gifted mathematician with a soft-hearted personality. Jaideep describes his character as the most lovable, he said, “Playing Naren has been amazing. He’s a genius, a mathematician at heart, but you wouldn’t notice him at first glance. Yet, once you know him, he’s the most lovable person. It’s funny because I’ve always disliked math myself and that’s what made me excited to play Naren because we are such different people. It was an extremely interesting challenge.”

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The creative process for Jaideep involved an immersive study of the script, seeking to understand the essence of his characters. Speaking on the same Jaideep mentioned, “The one thing I firmly believe in, is doing things out of love. If you do something out of passion, if you do something out of love, it never goes unrewarded or overlooked. I believe in letting the script guide me, allowing the nuances of the roles to organically find their way to me”. With Naren, Jaideep‘s approach involved understanding the character’s reserved nature and unique connection with mathematics.

Jaideep Ahlawat‘s portrayal of Naren, at the centre of “Jaane Jaan,” creates an array of gentleness that shows the strength of passion, affection, and resolve. The audience will be surprised by the portrayal and will applaud it when they watch the film.

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