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On Sushmita Sen’s 48th birthday, here are 5 reasons why Sushmita Sen personifies as the fierce sherni!

Sushmita Sen

Love, courage and compassion – three words that summarize what Sushmita Sen is for us! She inspired us to lead a mindful life and never give up no matter what. Her personification of a mother turning Don to protect her children as Aarya Sareen in Disney+ Hotstar’s series Aarya, truly brought out a wave of fierce depiction of women on screen. Join us in celebrating the OG Sherni’s birthday by recounting her unabashed moments from her life as Aarya.

Taking on a new challenge without a second thought
It’s never too late to take on new challenges and Sushmita Sen has proven it and how! Raising the bar of fitness, Sushmita Sen did all her action sequences by herself and diligently prepared for it. While this Sherni looked in the eye of the storm even when her health was tricky, her spirit remained unabashed.

Bouncing back stronger than ever!
We all know of the health scare Sushmita Sen went through during the filming of Disney+ Hotstar’s series Aarya Season 3 but without batting an eye, she got back to the sets stronger than ever. She inspired all of us and set an example that if we push for it, anything is possible. Not sure about you, but we think Sushmita Sen is truly a superwoman.

Embracing motherhood
We have seen Sushmita Sen’s loving role as a mother off and on screen both and it made us feel closer to her candid self. So, when Sushmita Sen as Aarya Sareen fiercely walked the fire to protect her children and her family, we could see her motherhood flowing into the character and made us believe each and every word she spoke as a mother.

Practiced the art of learning and unlearning
From winning the title of Miss Universe to playing the deadliest Don, there’s nothing that Sushmita Sen hasn’t aced in life. She has never shied away from talking about her process with which she kept up with the world and unapologetically believed in her chosen path. With Aarya as well, she walked the delicate path of being the hero as well as the villain and came off as a character that the audience would relate with.

Looks that could kill!
We are aware of the effect Sushmita Sen can have on people but if looks could kill, Sushmita Sen would top the charts! Sushmita Sen is a person that can own any look she wishes. In the Disney+ Hotstar’s series Aarya, we saw her in royal sarees to polished coats and she made it all look so mesmerizing.

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