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MX Player announces the release of its interactive film ‘Lost and Found in Singapore’

Get ready for a captivating entertainment experience as MX Player’s content arm, MX Studios, partners with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to unveil an interactive film on an Indian OTT platform. Titled ‘Lost and Found in Singapore’, the film features a novel choose-your-own ending approach, which invites viewers to become a part of the narrative, steering its course through their choices as the characters lead us on a journey of discovery through the enchanting streets of Singapore.

An MX Studios Original “Lost and Found in Singapore” intricately follows the journeys of an introverted solo traveler (Rithvik Dhanjani) and an adventure-seeking girl (Apoorva Arora) who champions friendship. Amidst Singapore’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems, their destinies rest in the hands of the audience. Viewers guide their choices, creating diverse paths and unique viewing experiences. This immersive collaboration caters to younger Indian audiences, blending entertainment with novel travel inspiration. Alongside, curated experiences like the Vespa Sidecar Tour through Joo Chiat and Katong, with its exploration of Nonyas, Babas, and Peranakans, Museum of Ice-Cream, Design Orchard and Bird Paradise @Mandai, offer textured exploration, seamlessly resonating with modern explorers.

Commenting on the film, Rithvik Dhanjani says, “Being a part of ‘Lost and Found in Singapore‘ has been an incredible journey. The interactive format challenged me as an actor, knowing that each choice the audience makes would lead to a different outcome. As we worked on this project, we could feel the excitement building about how the viewers would shape the story. I can’t wait for everyone to join us on this one-of-a-kind adventure.”

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Apoorva Arora says, “The interactive aspect of ‘Lost and Found in Singapore’ added a layer of unpredictability to the shoot – not just for the characters, but for us as actors too. The chemistry between Rithvik and me was crucial in bringing the characters to life, and exploring Singapore’s vibrant landscapes made the journey even more memorable. I’m eagerly looking forward to the audience’s reactions as they become a part of this captivating narrative.”

GB Srithar, Regional Director, India, Middle East, South Asia & Africa says, “We are pleased to partner with MX Player, bringing a unique experience to audiences across India through this pioneering film. As a leading lifestyle hub in the region today, Singapore is a n ever-evolving destination, and this dynamism is best showcased to discerning Indian consumers through equally innovative means. We believe that this partnership introduces a novel perspective of Singapore, introducing to the young Indian travellers the dizzying array of unique tourism experiences it offers. The interactive format deeply resonates with Indian viewers seeking innovative travel engagement, inspiring personalized journeys. Just as the film empowers viewers, Singapore transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences, emphasizing our commitment to showcasing offerings that uniquely define the destination.”

WATCH: Lost And Found In Singapore | Official Trailer | Rithvik | Apoorva Arora | MX Player

MX Player Spokesperson says, “Our viewers are always looking for dynamic and game-changing storytelling on MX Player. This collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board in creating the interactive short film, ‘Lost and Found in Singapore‘ is one of its kind and introduces a new dimension to storytelling. We’re excited to bring audiences an engaging cinematic experience as it will allow viewers to actively select the narrative of their choice and will also showcase Singapore’s extraordinary trove of rich destination experiences through this film.”

Guided by the skilled direction of Harsh Dedhia and the creative brilliance of writer Kanishka Singh Deo, this film promises an unforgettable experience. “Lost and Found in Singapore” stands out for its interactive element, inviting the audience to actively engage with the narrative. The film encourages repeated viewing to explore alternate storylines and facets of Singapore’s offerings.

Prepare to be part of an immersive adventure as “Lost and Found in Singapore” debuts on MX Player. Your journey awaits!

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