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More than a hundred costume styles were tested on the cast of Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’, showcasing the lifestyle of the uber rich Mahajan family

In the enchanting world of television, where fascinating stories unfold and vibrant characters come to life, costumes play an integral role in shaping the narrative. Each garment weaves a tale of its own, reflecting the vision of the makers who are on a journey to create something truly exceptional. Following this essence, the costumes of Sony SAB’s upcoming show Vanshaj showcase the opulence and grandeur of the Mahajan family.

The thought process that fuelled the costume design for Vanshaj was detailed and with an ensemble cast of more than twelve artists, the task was intense. But how does one highlight the differences of each character and their uniqueness? The answer lay in detailed deliberations and craftsmanship that unfolded throughout this production.

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Stories of tireless dedication and the meticulous process undertaken to bring the costumes of Vanshaj to life emerge. Countless hours were devoted to extensive trial sessions, where each fabric, pattern, and embellishment were painstakingly scrutinised to ensure a perfect fit for the characters. Over 120 unique styles were meticulously tested and refined, helping each character radiate an aura that was distinct to themself.

Mahir Pandhi, who plays the character of DJ, said, “Costumes in Vanshaj are not just mere outfits; they are a vivid representation of style and individuality. With each ensemble, the team experimented and created a look that resonates with the character’s essence. Take my character DJ, for instance; as a larger-than-life character, we worked to elevate his presence through fashion, ensuring he stands out amidst the crowd. It’s been a journey of dedication and creativity.”

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Parinitaa Seth, who plays the character of Gargi, said. “My costumes are the canvas through which my character’s nuances come alive. Gargi is rich, modern, and classy and we did multiple trials to get the perfect look for her character. I’m extremely impressed with the contemporary designs and smart silhouettes of my attire as it captures the essence of my character in all its glory. The costumes in Vanshaj speak a visual language.”

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