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Crime Patrol Satark to initiate a new chapter –Women Against Crime; Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya roped in to champion the cause!

Divyanka Tripati

Violence against women has been happening in various forms, across age groups and is not limited to only men being the predators. Crime has no face, age, gender, religion or status and every now and then we keep hearing about the gruesomeness and monstrosity with which a women is abused. It’s about time that women themselves and the society at large take cognizance, be ‘satark’ and learn to read signs, bring about a change in the mindset and work towards a gender neutral, crime-free future. Keeping this is mind, Sony Entertainment Television makes a much needed appeal through the new chapter of Crime Patrol Satark – Women Against Crime. Championing this cause is none other than renowned television personality Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya who will be seen as the anchor of this series.

In a country that celebrates a rich history and cultural diversity, crime against women is thriving and the numbers keep increasing by the day. But this remains largely unreported due to the stigma and shame surrounding it. Manifestation of these crimes are not just physical or sexual but also psychological in nature.

What is the root cause of this problem and how can one take appropriate action in a timely manner? Starting December 21, ‘Crime Patrol Satark – Women Against Crime’ will unveil impactful episodes showcasing some of the most talked about cases of the recent past. The show will highlight how sometimes neglecting signs and small instances may lead to bigger crimes being committed against women. This new edition of the show will present a comprehensive and dramatized account of heinous crimes of rape, molestation, murder, child abuse and much more as an eye-opener for the viewers with Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya reiterating the warning signs and the much required shift in the thought process.

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Speaking about her association with Crime Patrol – Women Against Crime, Divyanka said, “Throughout their lifecycle, women tend to forget their strength owing to social or family pressures. At times women are not even aware that they are being suppressed or oppressed. It’s a fact that every day there are a number of women who are subjected to various atrocities irrespective of their age. But how many of these get reported? Why are women, being the victims, subjected to shame and ostracized? Personally speaking, a woman doesn’t want this to happen to her or isn’t ‘asking for it’. There is a huge gap in the mindset & perception that needs to be bridged and it’s the need of the hour. I feel it’s about time we women took the baton of our dignity in our own hands. We must stop teaching both our sons and daughters that women are damsels in distress and that it’s the responsibility of a prince charming to rescue them. A woman doesn’t need to wait for her prince charming… she is capable in every way. This can only happen when we as women start valuing ourselves and the women around us. Keeping this in mind, I have teamed up with Crime Patrol for their upcoming chapter – Women Against Crime to not just raise awareness but to reiterate that Ek Aurat Pe Vaar, Ab Har Aurat Ka Bhaar.”

Tune in to Crime Patrol Satark – Women Against Crime starting December 21, every Mon-Fri at 11pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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