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ZEE5 drops the trailer, ‘House of Lies’; this murder mystery starring Sanjay Kapoor will premiere on 31st May

Sanjay Kapoor

How many lies does it take to conceal a murder? In the tangled web of ZEE5’s upcoming movie, House of Lies, deception knows no bounds. Prepare to be enthralled by a sinister tale of betrayal, greed and malice as ZEE5, India’s largest home-grown video streaming platform and a multilingual storyteller, unveils the trailer of its latest murder mystery, House of Lies. Produced by Kali Movies Private Limited and Sebhariya Pictures, and directed by Saumitra Singh, this gripping thriller will premiere on ZEE5 on 31st May as part of its free-to-stream library.

Starring Sanjay Kapoor, Ssmilley Suri, Simran Kaur Suri, Hiten Paintal and the late actor Rituraj K Singh among others, House of Lies is an intriguing murder mystery that unravels the suspicious death of Albert Pinto, the morning after his birthday party. Investigators Rajveer Singh Choudhary and Abhay along with officer Sashi from Enforcement Directorate interrogate the guests – Albert’s wife Ragini, brother Anthony, sister-in-law Aastha, lawyer Karan Sinha, doctor Fernandis, friend Col. Verma, and house help Zaid and try to uncover the many layers of complexities. With conflicting statements from all witnesses, officer Rajveer and Sashi’s old rivalry adding friction and betrayal, greed and malice at the centre of it all, the investigation grows complex as motives of the suspects start to emerge and entangle the case further.

Abhirup Datta, Head of AVOD Marketing, ZEE5 India said, “After the success of recent free-to-stream titles like Ardh, Kaam Chalu Hai and 8 A.M. Metro, we at ZEE5 are excited to bring forth another exciting film, House of Lies. Murder mystery as a genre has consistently performed well on our platform, tapping into our viewers’ innate fascination with enigmatic crimes and decoding complex human psyches. With House of Lies, we at ZEE5 are confident of delivering another exciting, multi-layered story that will keep the viewers hooked and on the edge of their seats”.

Director Saumitra Singh said, “As an ardent admirer of the murder mystery genre, from the mind-bending classics by Agatha Christie to edgy modern noir thrillers, I have always been captivated by their ability to challenge and thrill audiences. Bringing ‘House of Lies’ to life in collaboration with ZEE5 and my writer, Abhiraj Sharma has truly been a dream project, allowing me to craft a twisted psychological ride that will keep viewers guessing until the end. We have meticulously crafted each character as a deliciously layered and deceitful puzzle piece, brought to life by an extraordinarily talented ensemble cast. This flick is a delirious descent into the darkest depths of human nature that will have you clinging to the edge of your seat. From start to finish, I can guarantee that viewers will be utterly transfixed, unable to take their eyes off the screen as the shocking truths are revealed.”

Actor Sanjay Kapoor said, “Playing Rajveer Singh Chaudhary in ‘House of Lies’ was an incredibly enriching experience. This character is relentless and deeply intuitive, traits that are essential when navigating through such a convoluted mystery. The complexity of the plot and the depth of the characters make this film a must-watch. I believe that ZEE5 viewers will be hooked from the very first scene and will enjoy every twist and turn that the story takes.”

Brace yourselves for a twisted tale of deception and murder with ‘House of Lies‘ premiering on ZEE5 on May 31st!

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