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Welcome to the Bigg Boss Museum!

Eyes, they often speak the language of one’s soul, but the Bigg Boss eye communicates unknown truths, shocking revelations, and unmapped mysteries of celebrities as they gain momentum over three months. This year along with the constantly glaring eye, the Bigg Boss house is covered in lively hues that blend together bringing out the different characteristics that contestants usually come with.

Shades of fluorescent, subtle tones of pink and purple will ease the eye, creating a vibrant atmosphere and liven the place that celebrities call home for three months. Setting the perfect premise as the fun and trouble kick-starts, the Bigg Boss house this year, will include some elements that highlight the exclusivity and surprises that are in store for the contestants during their entertainment-packed journey. This 18500 sq.ft luxurious home, adorned with several aesthetic elements, and 93 cameras for the contestants’ stay during the next 100+ days has been specially designed by Bollywood’s most favorite art director and renowned design expert, Omung Kumar.

“I’m extremely excited for our contestants and viewers as we open the doors of our Bigg Boss Museum. We’ve very carefully crafted each wall with elements that reflect contestants’ ideologies that exemplify the game and its rules. There’s a wall with caricatures of different emotions that denote various shades of a person and the roles they will play through their days of lock-in, hoping to be victorious. The house becomes a home for them and therefore we have balanced out quirky modules with hush toned furniture and bright lighting that will also boost moods and amplify the set-up well,” says the master expert, Omung Kumar.

But before the contestants’ step into the Bigg Boss house and breathe in its theatrics, here’s an exclusive Dekho for your eyes before the fun-filled package unfolds. Welcome to the Bigg Boss Museum, where bright shades, varied characteristics, volatile tonality will entertain you through not only the grand house but also through its new set of housemates.

Double B, the gates are open!

The common gates make way for a new vertical garden that doubles up as the doors to the house. A 20 feet vertical garden that is in the shape of a double B is one of the most eye-catching elements this year. Pleasing to the eye, contestants will be able to feel the beautiful hues of the flowers that grow across. A special hide-out seating area has been carefully planted, where hopefully hearts will unite, and romance will bloom.

A living room fit for a king!

Known to be the beating heart of the house, a place that gages emotions and weaknesses’, where tasks are read out, contestants reprimanded, arguments take flight and one that becomes the dreaded hot seat for the most-awaited weekend segment. The living room is where contestants’ relationships make and break, memories built and laughter that echoes the surrounding walls. The high traffic room walks the line between color block and style and is more eye-catching with liberal doses of vibrant color splashed over.

14 contestants with characteristics that will be stark opposite to each other have been very well reflected on a wall the encapsulates a jigsaw puzzle frame. Each piece of a different shade has been brought together just like the different shades of the contestants that will eventually come together and blend in, who will find their fit and who will have to fight to fit -in? only time will tell.

This open living space typically connected to the kitchen and containing both modern and antique pieces of living room furniture is especially designed for the contestants to feel at home and give them a space of comfort. The only source of their connection to the outside world, a huge flatron TV has been placed across the seat-out for all the contestants to get a clear glimpse of their favorite host and react to surprise elements in the course of the season.

The walls across have large size installations that take shape of various hand gestures, like ‘YO’, ‘Thumbs-up’, ‘Peace Out’ etc. all in line with actions and reactions that the house will open up its doors too.

The eye that never blinks!

The eye has been the main symbol since Bigg Boss’ existence. Every nook and corner of the lavish house has various forms of the eye plastered across. From a huge setting table in the shape of an eye with a retina placed as its holder, the piece beautifully fits in and divides the large living room from the modern-aged kitchen. A wall dedicated to the symbol has various shapes and forms of eyes spread across, which will act as a constant reminder that no one’s move will go unnoticed.

Bigg Boss House (A corner on the living area)

What’s their next move?

An overarching aesthetic design converts one of the ceilings transforming it into an inverted chessboard with life-size Staunton chess pieces that will constantly remind the housemates of the game and that there can be only one winner. So, what will their move be? Will they listen to their mind and play or let their heart rule their game?

Drawing the knives – who will be the kitchen king/queen?

Gorgeous countertop, unique backsplashes, and statement lighting make the most utilized room of the Bigg Boss house, the kitchen a very vibrant zone. A contemporary touch has been added where curated utensils of various shapes and sizes painted in pastel tones, have been fixated on the kitchen wall clearly defining the area. The huge countertop has been equipped for more people to join in and help in the chopping and cooking and also enable them to divide work with ample space for movement, gossip, and laughter, one that contestants always take seriously.

Triple treat and faux fur linings

‘Dear Karma, I have a list of people that you missed,’ a line that resonates with many. In a first, the contestants’ bedroom will accommodate 14 spaces. Well, unconventionally, one bed is customized for three-people sharing. Wonder why? The Bigg Boss house is known for its revolutionary twists so only time will tell. The headboard of each bed is comforted with faux fur, that will often be a place to rest heads and remember the world they left aside or shed tears that are circumstantial. A huge 3-D zipper runs across the wall with various expressions inscribed that highlights and uplifts moods.

Youthful pop arts & Underlying messages

A fine balance between antique, youthful and classy are the main elements that the house is made up off. Again, for the first time ever, legible prints of dictionaries have been cemented at the entrance of the bathroom with doodles over it to bring out the fun and mystery elements that are set to take over. Various pop arts add color and spunk to the walls across, bringing out the liveliness of the designs. A sit-out shaped in the form of a hot air balloon is strategically placed in the corner of the wash area, where contestants can plot and plan with ease.

Mirror your confessions & Rope in there!

The most important room, one often feared is very tastefully designed. The confession room holds a diwan for the contestants to be seated, the backseat of which is decoupaged with mirror work at the borders. 100’s of ropes hang down from the ceiling giving the room, a rustic but mysterious vibe.

The Garden beckons

A large amount of space has been redeveloped to create the garden area of the house. With greenery all around, the most striking element is the massive swimming pool that has been built in the shape of an eye! Adjoining the pool area is where all the iron-pumping will take steam. The open gym will house various iron bars and freestyle weights for the contestants to keep up with their fitness routine.

They say that the best secrets are often the most twisted and the Bigg Boss house will soon open its doors to revelations that will enthrall, dynamics that will change over a period of time, relationships that will be built and one winner who will walk away having faced all challenges with great zeal.

Put Bigg Boss on your watchlist starting 29th September 2019, 9 pm!

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