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Netflix India’s Best On-Screen Teachers

Sayonara, snooze-worthy textbooks! Step into a world where Netflix’s beloved teachers aren’t just ‘shikshaks’ – they are ‘margdarshaks,’ ‘zindagi ke ustaad,’ and our ‘guiding lights.’ Join us as we celebrate our favourite on-screen teachers of Netflix and the lessons they’ve left imprinted on our hearts, far beyond the pages of textbooks.

Kota Factory

Kota Factory dives deep into the labyrinth of competitive exams, and it’s not your average classroom drama. Picture Kota, the battleground for young aspirants, and enter: Jeetu Bhaiyya, the mentor extraordinaire! Jeetu Bhaiya is the teaching wizard we never knew we needed. He’s like that friend who turns every complex physics problem into a hilarious punchline, making you wonder why you ever dreaded the subject. His IITian-turned-mentor transformation is like a plot twist in a Bollywood blockbuster. But beyond the laughs, he’s the life teacher – advising us that every road, though winding and challenging, ultimately leads to the treasure of success; you just have to pour your heart into the journey.

Guns & Gulaabs

Introducing Chandralekha, the English teacher who’s not just slaying with chalk but also hearts in the world of Guns & Gulaabs. Chandralekha is the ultimate teacher, going the extra mile for her students. She’s all about boosting their grades and helping them grow as individuals. She personally visits Gangaram’s home, not only to understand his family situation, but also to provide her unwavering support to the trio as they prepare for their upcoming exams, ensuring they receive a fair opportunity. She is also not afraid to step into danger for them as she rescues them from the kidnappers!

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Meet Rannvijay Singha, the uber cool Professor Sid in Mismatched. He’s all about tough love, throwing shade like confetti, but deep down, he’s got a heart of gold. Despite his uncaring and sarcastic facade, his intentions are always noble. For instance, in a class primarily focused on software development, Professor Sid decides to push his students out of their usual coding confines and tasks them to explore their city. He firmly believes that inspiration can be found in one’s surroundings; all it takes is a keen eye and a willingness to look around and aims to instill this understanding in his students. This showcases his dedication to their personal growth and his commitment to nurturing their innovative thinking.

Sex Education

Meet Emily Swati Sands, the English teacher who’s not just a grammar wizard but also one who provides emotional guidance. She handles them with as much finesse as a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Emily’s exceptional support for her students shines as she nurtures Maeve’s talent when she warns her against plagiarism, and instead encourages her immense potential. She also supports Adam, helping him discover new passions like his standout performance in a dog show, reflecting her dedication to their personal growth.

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Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever takes high school drama to the next level, putting the spotlight on the student-teacher relationship. Mr. Kulkarni, the ‘cool teacher,’ steals the show with his authentic portrayal as a teacher. Devi and Mr. Kulkarni’s bond exemplifies how teachers can be mentors beyond the classroom. He helps her navigate the tumultuous waters of adolescence while also emphasising the importance of not letting romantic issues negatively impact her academics.He constantly reminds her that her future is bright if she stays focused on herself and her growth.

Jaane Jaan, directed by Sujoy Ghosh, is generating anticipation as it is set to release on 21st September. Based on the acclaimed Japanese novel “The Devotion of Suspect X” by Higashino Keigo, the film features Jaideep Ahlawat essaying the role of Naren, a maths wizard who strives to make mathematics enjoyable for students, pushing them to aim higher and think on their toes.

These Netflix India titles are a vivid reminder that teachers are more than just educators; they’re the influencers who inspire, guide and mould us. Join us as we laugh, learn, and empathise with their stories, rekindling memories of the mentors who’ve left an indelible mark on our own lives.

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