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I am very angry at Abhinav and so proud of Aly: Jasmin Bhasin

Bigg Boss 14

After Aly Goni, if Jasmin Bhasin admired anyone in the “Bigg Boss” house, it was Abhinav Shukla. Whenever possible, she didn’t just save him during nominations, but also fought with Aly and Rahul Vaidya if they said anything against him. But the actress is upset over his recent comment on her BFF where he made remarks on Aly’s appearance.

During two of the recent tasks (Locked out and College rivalry), Aly and Abhinav got into an argument. While they engaged in a war of words in the first one, Abhinav pushed Aly in the second one.

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Jasmin appreciated Aly for not making a big scene out of it and said, “I am very angry at Abhinav because he was the one who pushed Aly first. I am thankful to God that Aly controlled his anger, because he is not someone who would take it. He would have definitely given him back.

I have so much appreciation for him because this show is such that you need to maintain your cool in such situations and it’s a very big achievement for Aly. He neither made a ‘mudda’ out of it, nor gave it back to Abhinav, and I am so proud of Aly,” she added.

The “Tashan-e-Ishq” actress also mentioned that Abhinav calling Aly “bhains” was totally uncalled for. She said, “With Abhinav what made me really upset was when he called Aly ‘bhains’. I understand that Aly also called him a ‘jamura’, but this word has been used so often on the show. It means someone who dances to someone else’s tunes, and people have used it for me also. Abhinav could have replied back in the same way instead of speaking about his appearance.

Just because Aly is a tall broad man, doesn’t mean he will call him ‘bhains’. He knows that Aly is a strong independent player and that’s why he said such a nasty thing about his personality and I am very upset with Abhinav for this. How can you make fun of somebody’s appearance? Aly’s personality is very attractive and Abhinav’s comment was really mean,Jasmin concluded.

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