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From glamour to giggles: All that you can expect from Nora Fatehi’s character in Madgaon Express

Nora Fatehi

The buzz around the trailer of Kunal Khemu‘s directorial debut, ‘Madgaon Express,’ has reached a crescendo with some quirky character reveals. The film promises a rollercoaster of laughter and unexpected twists, and the character reveals leading up to the trailer launch only added to the excitement.

Set in the backdrop of Goa, coming in first up were the main characters – Pinku, Dodo and Ayush marking the trio’s (Divyendu, Pratik Gandhi and Avinash Tiwary) first collaboration on the silver screen in this light-hearted comedy. This is followed by Mendoza Bhai, another flamboyant character followed by Kanchan Kombdi, the eccentric lady urging everyone to watch the trailer. But the real showstopper was none other than Nora Fatehi, the diva queen, the goddess of glamour. With intrigue around the name and her character, she declares in her signature style, “Ae hello, kya??? sabke hai glamour ke sapne lekin is baar, lagg gaye apne.”

Known for her stunning performances, Nora Fatehi promised a side of her they had never seen before. In ‘Madgaon Express,’ she is all set to play a lead role in a funny and quirky avatar, a character very close to her real-life persona.

The anticipation is reaching its peak as everyone eagerly awaits the trailer launch, ready to witness the magic that Kunal Khemu‘s directorial debut and Nora Fatehi’s newfound funny side will bring to the silver screen.

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