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Arjit Taneja’s action-packed performance elevates drama in Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye

Arjit Taneja
Zee TV’s popular show Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye has been captivating audiences with its gripping storyline and the on-screen chemistry between Amruta (played by Sriti Jha) and Virat (played by Arjit Taneja).
In the recent episodes, viewers got to watch a sweet gesture made by Virat for Bhavani, where he wants to gift her a house for all the things she has done for him. Making it special, he took Bhavani and Amruta to the construction site to show them the flat.
However, a happy moment turns into a gloomy one when Virat is attacked by the goons sent by Abhiraj (played by Angad Hasija). Amruta hurts herself while trying to save Virat. On seeing this, Virat fights the goons all by himself despite being injured.
Arjit Taneja shared how shooting for a fight scene is a very challenging task, but he finds it very thrilling. His willingness to embrace such stunts on screen underscores his versatility as an actor, showcasing his ability to excel in both emotive and action-packed moments. Arjit thoroughly enjoyed shooting for this sequence and was very content with the result.

Arjit Taneja said, “Action is one of my favourite genres, it gives me a different type of rush. Shooting for a fight sequence helps me push my boundaries and along with physical strength, it requires a lot of mental strength to shoot for such tracks. From training with the stunt master to performing in front of the camera, it’s a different thrill altogether. I am always for such tracks and will never say no to them.”

Arjit’s dedication to his character’s journey mirrors his commitment to the craft, and as the storyline unfolds, audiences can expect to watch more action-packed challenges. In the coming episodes, viewers will witness Amruta and Virat getting into a forceful marriage.

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