The Verdict – State Vs Nanavati’ trailer is creating immense excitement amongst the audience for its unique narrative, a real-life story based on 1959 Nanavati case which shook the entire nation by becoming a landmark judgment. Ekta Kapoor shares her experience by recreating and presenting the untold story based on true events to the audience.

Talking about the web show Ekta Kapoor shared, “The movies that have been based on the case [were] lacklustre, and [had a] one-sided view about a man who killed another man to protect his wife, and the nation. The jury went against what was probably legally right and supported a man who killed someone, because his wife was having an affair. [What wasn’t considered in cinema] was that it was a consensual affair. Today, such an issue would be considered entirely personal.

We have finally removed the law that treated women as property. That was a time when women were treated badly and were not allowed to take decisions. We’ve also explored the aspect of  [the wife] being a foreign national.

[The magazine] was criticized. There is a scene in the series that showcases the owner of a leading daily accusing the [magazine owner] of only attempting to make sales. The latter responds stating, ‘Years later, you will do the same thing “.

Content Czarina, Ekta Kapoor who is known for her unique projects has made a series for her OTT platform, ALT Balaji and presents the highly controversial case of a Naval Commander K. M. Nanavati who killed his wife’s lover, Prem Ahuja is one of the landmark cases in the history of India

In the trailer, we see actors from different platforms come together to play the uniquely different characters of this iconic case. From various readings together to the study of original documents, everything was undertaken by the makers to present an authentic case file for the audience.

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Despite six decades, the story of the trial which revolved around infidelity, cold-blooded murder and patriotism still grab people’s attention. This 10-episode courtroom drama will be based on public records, newspaper articles of the time, interviews with people who have knowledge of the case- keeping it as real and authentic as possible. While the result of the trial is now a known fact, it is the unfolding of the case that remains a matter of interest to the nation.

ALTBalaji‘s The Verdict – State Vs Nanavati will have a whole host of theatre veterans playing pivotal roles. Stay tuned for more information on that!