Actor Aniruddh Dave is all set to stun his fans with his latest performance-oriented role-as a transgender in the hit TV show Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, a social drama based on the lives of transgenders. Confirming the development in an exclusive chat with us, Aniruddh says, “Yes, I am playing a transgender in the show and have already started shooting for it.”

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Was he apprehensive about playing a transgender? Anirudh says, “There is a lot of stigmas associated with transgenders in our society. But we must not forget that they are human beings, just like anyone else, and not different from others. It’s a very performance-oriented show with a huge fan following. When I was offered the role and the character was narrated to me, there was no question of saying ‘no’ or having second thoughts.” For any actor, such roles are highly challenging but unlike other transgenders that we have seen on-screen so far in traditional garb, Aniruddh says he will be seen in a different avatar. He elaborates, “I am not playing a regular transgender, which we generally see on-screen, wearing big bindi and sindoor with heavy sarees. I play a male eunuch and the look is inspired by the concept of Ardhnarishwar. So, you will see me wearing western dresses teamed up with an Indian look. It’s a kind of mix and match.”

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Aniruddh, who was last seen in the show Patiala Babes, has experimented a lot with his on-screen characters. How difficult was it for him to get into the skin of the character? “I have done a variety of roles and played both the antagonist and protagonist in various shows. If an actor justifies his role, his audience accepts him with open arms. So, while accepting this show, the question of acceptance never came to me. I personally feel that when the audience emotionally connects with the character, they accept him whole-heartedly. I am sure that I am not going to disappoint my audience and they will shower their love and blessings when they see me in this role,” he signs off. Aniruddh is gaining popularity day by day and we are sure his career is going to rock in 2021.

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